An Introduction

When I first purposed the idea of starting a blog to my partner, I expected a judgmental reaction. Instead, he surprised me by saying, “Why have you not started one yet?” It’s a good question, one that I’m not prepared to answer. I can, however, explain why I have decided to now. I guess you could call this an introduction to my blog.

I’ve always been a reader and writer. Ever since I was young it was one of my few natural talents. As I grew older, these talents turned into hobbies, which turned into chores. School created, and in return, destroyed my love for these things. When everything you write is criticized and graded, it’s easy to become a dreadful task. At one point I gave up my free-time writing, and saved that energy for school assignments. With a year break from all that, it’s made me miss my personal writing.

For a while I tried the journaling route. I enjoyed it, but I always wanted to share those thoughts with the world. Other than boring my boyfriend by reading these excerpts, I needed a new way to express myself to others. It’s not that i seek validation, but more so that I want others to be able to relate to, or learn from, my stories.

So here we are. A blog. Thoughts With Sydney. Here you will find educational pieces on animals and their welfare, observations on people, personal insights into my life and mental health, and the occasional review on a novel or film. There may be some other random posts intertwined in there, but for the most part, that is that. I hope to be writing one to two posts a week. With features like a monthly rescue shout out, and a biweekly interview with exceptional individuals.

I am hoping from this experience, not only that i will grow as a writer and story teller, but that also I will discover like-minded individuals to create with.

With all that being said, I hope this intrigued you enough to follow my blog. All support is appreciated. Thanks for reading,